Meaganne McCandess. Make-up & Hair for Your Life-Defining Rituals.

“Meaganne does the most gorgeous, natural looking make up. She made me as well as all of my bridesmaids glow. On top of that, she’s just a pleasure to work with — easygoing, relaxed, but totally efficient and cool and collected.”

— Eunice Moyle

“Every other makeup artist I have ever encountered, even if they do good work, makes you look ‘made-up.’ Meaganne makes you look like the flawless version of yourself.”

— Erin Murphy

This is it.
This is when it all comes together. You’ve found the venue, the dress. Most importantly, you’ve found the love you want to walk with, forever.

You’ve taken care of every detail to make the day – and life – of your dreams happen.

Now let me take care of you.

“At my wedding, Meaganne did hair for me, my bridesmaids, and my mom. I really don’t know how Meaganne managed to give six vastly different women their own perfect look, but she did.

What was just as important, for me, was the fact that Meaganne was a grounded, calming presence on my wedding day. She even helped me by giving me tips and breathing exercises to soothe and center me when I was feeling like crawling out of my skin. She saved my life and made me look more beautiful than I’ve ever looked in my life.”

— Katie Gross

I’m a professional hair and make-up artist with more than ten years of experience on commercial sets and more than that (fifteen years!) with weddings. I make brides happy. I make brides beautiful. I make brides relax, because…

  • Unlike most stylists, I’m highly skilled at hair and make-up which means you’ll have a less chaotic day – no toggling back and forth between professionals – AND a seamless look that’s all you. Your best you.
  • I create hair and makeup that looks incredible in person and in photos. (No overdone makeup that’s great in pictures but garish face-to-face. Promise.)
  • I’m a calming presence. I’m here to care. I’m here to create. I’m here to reveal your most radiant you. I take care of you, your make-up and your hair – graciously, gorgeously – so you can take care of what counts: enjoying every moment of your wedding day.

When we were getting ready, everyone was wanting my attention, calling my name, the phone was ringing…the day was so hectic and stressful that I just broke down and cried.

Then Meaganne pulled me aside and told me to just breathe. She really calmed me down…and made me into a beautiful and a beaming bride! (My makeup stayed on even through all the tears.) That one moment, I will never forget.

— Lila Leung

Meaganne knew exactly what to do to make me feel natural, confident, and ready to get married! She makes you feel and look like yourself and not some made up version of a typical bride…You end up spending the majority of your wedding day with your hair and makeup person, so it’s important to share a good connection. I definitely felt that connection with Meaganne.

— Judy Euglow

Care, calm, connection, consummate professionalism, and serious experience and skills: that’s what I bring to your make-up, your hair, your bridal party…and to your entire wedding day.

And I do it at with a wide-range of price points and packages.

Interested? Intrigued? Need more details? Click here for pricing. Then let’s connect to dream up divine hair and make-up for your wedding day.     |     650-678-8475