Make-up & Hair for Your Life-Defining Rituals.

Make-up lessons in revelation, not regulation.

Want to play, pressure-free?

Make-up counter makeovers can be informative and fabulous – but they can also make you feel pressured, overwhelmed and guilty. Do I buy this? Do I HAVE to buy this? Do I really need this? Does the make-up artist see me or the sale?

We — you ‘n me — can do better than that.

A make-up lesson with me is almost a mathematical equation: add art, esteem, and authenticity and subtract overwhelm and confusion.

Transformation, indeed.

So that’s what I do. Transform. Reveal. Revel.

I am here to make you look and feel more like you. To amplify all that you are. To reveal your radiance.

I am not here to camouflage your apparent cosmetic sins or de-emphasize your “flaws”. I am not here to fix you. (Oh Beauty Industry, with your fear-mongering myths and lies, thou art my nemesis.) You do not need fixing.

I am here to tell you that: you do not need fixing. You do not need layers and layers of kabuki-style make-up that makes you look like someone – everyone – else.

I am here to make you look like your most radiant you. I am here to ensure that when the world looks at you, it will not see eyelashes, eyeliner or lip-liner. No one will see make-up. They will see you.

I see you. I’ll see you ready and radiant…

…and so will you.

Transformations Pricing

$275 for 2-2.5 hours

San Francisco studio location | 650-678-8475