Make-up & Hair for Your Life-Defining Rituals.

Let’s kick it old-skool with Oprah Winfrey. At the moment when she famously cleared out and auctioned off her closet, here’s what she had to say about style and fashion and trends and her choice to no longer enslave herself to them:

“I’m really just trying to become more of myself.”

And that’s it.

Whether you’re producing a commercial shoot, orchestrating your wedding, or reimagining your life and your look…

…that’s why we’re all here. To create and become. That’s our divine purpose: to blossom into who we’re meant to be, who we choose to be, who we are.

Who I am:

A tigress with the soul of a bunny. A cosmic cosmetic enthusiast toting a leopard-print suitcase stocked with magic and potions. A calm amidst chaos. A spirit-infused stylist about art and heart and authentic personal expression. A former massage therapist turned professional hair and make-up artist with more than fifteen years of experience in commercial shoots and weddings.

So that’s what I do:

Make-up and hair for your life-defining rituals. It’s my art — but it’s not the art of concealment. It’s the art of revelation.That’s why I’m here. I am here to make you look and feel more like you. To amplify all that you are. To reveal your radiance.

(And I’ve done that for seasoned professionals — from Hillary Clinton to Clint Eastwood to Benedict Cumberbatch to Jon Hamm— and jittery brides, alike.)

So whether you’re a producer who needs polished professional to create unique looks for models or celebrities, a bride ready to shine, or an everyday butterfly about to soar, my approach and offer is the same:

  • Calm, caring presence. I keep my cool and help you keep yours even — especially – in the midst of chaos. Sets and weddings can be stressful but I’m your ally and your oasis. (Even better: I make you and your people – talent, bridesmaids — look goooood.)
  • Consummate professionalism. I’ve been doing commercial shoots for more than 15 years and weddings for even longer. When you hire me, you get a seasoned, efficient, talented hair and make-up artist with zero drama and exponential positivity.
  • Absolute artistry. I’m known for it, and unlike many stylists, I excel at hair and make-up.

That’s what I’m here to do for you.

I care. I contribute. I create. I achieve. And that means when you work with me, you will be certain to achieve the effect you’re seeking…

…whether it’s in the midst of the maelstrom of my-wedding’s-in-fifteen-minutes-and-where-is-the-pianist or the buzz of assistants and producers and lighting grips and gaffes or sonic-tinged and slightly unhinged scrambling to make this corporate video shoot a success, dammit.

That’s what I do. For you. I’ll see you through your shoot, your wedding, your transformation…with touch, touch-ups, deep breaths, and high shine.

If you’d like to learn more, here’s how to reach me:

info@meagannemccandess.com |